Weekly Physical And Cognitive Exercise Can Improve Parkinson Symptoms

The Study was presented in The Physiological Society early career Seminar, Future Physiology 2019: Translating Cellular Mechanisms into Lifelong Health Strategies.

Parkinson’s Disease Is a neurodegenerative disease that may lead to disability and make it more challenging to direct an active way of life. Research has demonstrated that either cognitive or physical activities are good in improving and sustaining bodily function.

Different kinds of exercises

Doing Different Kinds of exercise such as circuit training (also Including cognitive challenges), can be beneficial in enhancing motor and non-motor symptoms.

Researchers at the University of Kent studied Parkinson’s patients that conducted a weekly multi-modal regime (physical and cognitive exercises).

This group participated in weekly workout sessions for over a year And were assessed every four months for at least a year (some participants continued on for a couple of years).

This once-a-week exercise program with both physical and cognitive Exercises for Parkinson’s disease patients showed an improvement especially in one-minute sit-to-stand tests and a cognitive evaluation named Mini Mental but no other major changes (i.e. no decline) in cognitive and bodily wellness.

As Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease, this is especially positive So the outcome for all these symptoms are a decline.

These findings are significant because they could allow Parkinson’s Disorder patients to observe improvements in their symptoms regimens to incorporate both cognitive and physical exercise.

A researcher who was involved with the work, anna Ferrusola-Pastrana Stated:”Finding the right set of exercises, both cognitive and physical, to improve Parkinson’s treatment is an important step towards providing Parkinson’s patients a better quality of life.

“This research is working towards honing this group of exercises, which Can then possibly be carried out by individuals, with or without Assistance in the home.”

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