5 Big Fitness Trends To Look Out For In 2020

The fitness landscape is changing at speed. Yesterday’s big trend is today’s old news. So how to keep your finger on the pulse? We’ve compiled the tips from our industry insiders.

Listed below are the top five:

(1) You’ll Rest as Hard as You Train

“We See recovery and rest being a enormous focus, as individuals seem to future-proof their bodies in their later years,” says Lauren Wilson, marketing director at high-end gym Third Space. Classes focused on mobility and low-impact cardio happen to be on the rise, but tech will play its part, also. One key example is heart rate variability (HRV) training. Tiny changes in your BPM indicate your degree of retrieval, allowing you to make an informed decision about how hard to push it. You can also expect gyms in the luxe end of this spectrum to start supplying more treatments such as cryo chambers, infrared saunas or percussive massages.

(2) PTs Are the New Rock Stars

Live-streamed and on-demand workouts from the likes of Peloton and Fiit Currently mean that you can take your coach’s class anytime, anywhere. However, it won’t replace the human element. “The team of the future will not be constructed across robots, but rock-star teachers,” says Clive Ormerod, CEO of Les Mills, whose fitness courses are taken in 20,000 gyms across 100 countries — and in living rooms. Ormerod draws on an analogy to songs has precipitated record attendance at gigs and festivals. Gyms have set up their headliners talent agencies.

(3) Our Action Trackers Will Evolve

Calories, space and hours slept? That is all very 2019. The most recent trackers pace a few steps further. The Push Ring attaches to your own body or bar to appraise speed and power making sure that you never lose form. Meanwhile, the K’Watch Athlete is the world’s first real time lipoic acid monitor, designed to assist you push harder and regain responsibly. Finally, LVL assesses your blood H2O level, heart rate, sleep and — even if you input your psychological state — how those variables dictate your disposition.

(4) Wellness Holidays Will Eliminate

The Fly’and’flop is set to, well — flop. Having an increasing demand for more active and restorative breaks, gyms such as Third Street Space, Equinox, SoulCycle and BXR are offering retreats, whilst Men’s Health’s inaugural goal-focused getaway is going to be held on Italy’s Adriatic coast in March/April 2020. Its New York resort has opened, with five-star fitness facilities, minibars and clean-eating restaurants stocked with health supplements.

(5) You’ll Train for Mental Power , also

“Mindfulness will be increasingly connected and reflected in fitness,” says Matt Delaney, national director of innovation in Equinox. “Health will not be broken into two separate categories: mental and physical.” As well as exercise also incorporate Digital and Meditation detoxes. The Islington venue of third Space has Purpose-designed meditation chambers — feng shui’d by Michael J Wong, Founder of Only Stand , with seats developed to encourage position, a relaxing color palette and eight-minute sessions so that you are able to drop in and zen out.

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